Be Careful What You Ask For

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Be Careful What You Ask For

Postby CD Tammy » 16 May 2018, 20:45

My girlfriend knows of my obession with tights/pantyhose and my passion for self bondage. She asked me to be completely honest after one of our sessions. Taking a chance, I told her the truth. I did not feel like I was truly helpless and that she was in full control. I could tell that she was really thinking about that one. So we talked a bit about what I would have done differently if I was her. Keep in mind that I was trying to be careful not to go so far off the reservation that she concluded I am too freaky for her. We talked about when I did self bondage. What turned me on about it and why that did not make me feel helpless enough. Obviously because I have to be able to get free.

We decided that we would combine our bondage sessions with self bondage. I was to get home from work and secure myself, in a really good self bondage scene. I was to show her how I do it. All day long, I was hard as a rock thinking about the different things that I could do.

When I got home, I put on a nude body stocking. It is like pantyhose for the whole body. We use our spare bedroom as a playroom. I thought about inside the cage but that seemed too easy. I considered a hogtie. That seemed too difficult. I decided that I was going to secure myself over the cage. Using very wide ankle restraints, I secured one ankle to opposite ends of the cage, leaving my legs spread far apart. I put a belt around my waist that has holes in it. I secured it to the cage. I padlocked on my collar. Then ran a cord from the padlock down to the middle of my back, the handcuffs went through the eye of the cord. I secured a ball gag, pulled a nylon hood down over my head, then struggled to secure my wrists in the handcuffs. I had made the cord a bit too short so this pulled my hands toward my head. I wanted to adjust it but there was no way. I was stuck.

I listened for the sound of her car in the driveway or the sound of the door opening. Time passed and nothing happened. Where had I left the keys? They were on the dresser. No way to get to them. I was stuck. More time passed. My arms were hurting from being pulled up toward my neck, my thighs hurt from my legs being spread so far apart. The air conditioner was blowing on me and a body stocking is not a warm item of clothing. I was drooling a lot. I could lean forward at the waist or stand up. Those were my only two options.

There was no way to tell how much time passed. I could not see a clock, I could not ask Siri. More time passed. I struggled against the restraints. Maybe I could break the belt, but it was secure. Through the hood, I saw the room light up, and heard the crunch of gravel. Relief flooded through me. She would release me soon.

When she entered the bedroom, she flipped on the light, and examined my situation. She careessed the backs of my thighs, my nylon covered back, and my ass. Then she told me to stay put and left the room. I heard the television come on in the family room. I was really hurting. I tried to scream out but it was very muffled because of the ballgag and the hood. I struggled against the restraints making some noise. When I heard her come into the room, I tried to scream out more.

She told me that I was to be still and be quiet. I again, tried to protest through the gag. Then my ass exploded in pain. She had just laid a belt across my ass! Three more licks including one across the backs of my thighs and she asked me if I would remain quiet so she could enjoy her movie. After she was gone, I tried to move my weight onto one foot then the other. I tried to move from bent over at the waist to standing. I tried to rest my weight on the top of the cage. And I tried to do it silently.

I hurt everywhere. I had drooled so much the hood was drenched. I didn’t even want to orgasm any more. Just release me and I will chalk this one up as done, went through my brain. My girlfriend had other plans. She wasn’t going to have me say that I didn’t feel helpless and that she wasn’t truly in control. When she came back to the bedrooom, she released my ankles from the cage but left the restraints
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Re: Be Careful What You Ask For

Postby TheWingmen » 25 May 2018, 20:50

How long did she leave you hooded and cuffed after releasing your ankles? What happened next? Dont leave us hanging!
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