Another overnight session, with new Posey cuffs

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Another overnight session, with new Posey cuffs

Postby ticklemee » 25 Feb 2018, 20:24

Had an awesome session this week. Tied two ropes around mattress, at the ankle and waist levels. Tied ankle cuffs on, about 18 inches apart and tied a Posey locking leather cuff to the second rope, about 6 inches from my side. On the right I tied a metal ring, through which I would lock a combo lock.

Once dark, I put on my bra, black tights and cap sleeve leotard. I put my ankles in their leather cuffs, took one last good stretch, then laid back and locked my left wrist into the Posey cuff. I reached over to turn the bedside light off and then used the combo lock to lock my right wrist to the bed.

It is completely dark in my room and I used a Sharpie to black out the numbers and wore some thin wool gloves just to make sure no escaspesies!

Such a blissful feeling hearing that click, feeling those huge leather Posey cuffs cradling your wrists, the gentle squeeze of the tights and leotard in all the right places.

I tried to get comfortable but never could get in a great sleeping position as I am a side sleeper. I managed to drift off though a little bit. By midnight or so I really wanted out. I tried using my fingernails to cut through the rope but that was futile with the gloves. I also had no hope of feeling the numbers on the lock with the gloves. I even tried pulling them off with my teeth but couldn't get my neck down that low, and they are kind of long, running under the cuffs to make it that much tougher to remove.

I really wished I had just cuffed my hands together and called it a night. Could have still had a night in tights and not had to be as miserable and frustrated even though I was in no pain per se.

Finally the sun rose. I spun that lock around as fast as I could and released my right hand. I grabbed the key for the Posey cuffs out of my bra and released my left wrist. I undid my ankles and literally hopped out of bed. Freedom! It also of course felt amazing to get out of the leotard and tights after 12 freaking hours lol.

Took the best shower ever thinking about how good it feels to move. Was fun in a way but dang it sucked in a way too.
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Re: Another overnight session, with new Posey cuffs

Postby TNTBound » 26 Feb 2018, 01:55

the worst is when you stuck like that, and then have to pee about an hour or so before you can get free.......
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Re: Another overnight session, with new Posey cuffs

Postby Sergio » 26 Feb 2018, 12:10

That's what diapers are for. Reusable all-in-ones for nights when you don't expect to need it (as they're hard work to hand wash and machine washing ages the plastic quickly) and disposables for when you do.
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Re: Another overnight session, with new Posey cuffs

Postby ticklemee » 01 Mar 2018, 00:50

I forgot to mention that. I'm not a diaper guy so I monitor my fluid intake pretty closely on days such as these. Drank 3/4 glass of water before lockup. Wanted to avoid a headache from dehydration while avoiding having to go. Luckily avoided both.

The trippiest thing to me about these experiences is the way it affects my thinking. For instance I get insanely turned on every time I even touch a pair of tights. But after a few hours cuffed to the bed in them, it's just some cloth and nothing more. I guess that's how women feel about them, insane to imagine for me.

Even for the following week, the thought of bondage is mundane, like thinking about a saltine cracker. But the desire always seeps back in.
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