Chained to bed all night

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Chained to bed all night

Postby kr805 » 15 Jan 2018, 11:18

I have been trying for a while to do a all night self bondage session for some time but i would all ways panic and find a way out use the key or i Would break the leather cuff buckle.So I had a Idea i would us chain for my cuffs.Went to the hardware and grocery store to get the supplies I needed.
40 foot of chain
10 pad locks 2 of which was combination locks and two tiny locks
plastic sheet for bed
I put the plastic sheet on the bed then I used bolt cutter to cut chain to length for the bed for the foot and middle of bed chains where secured tight over the top of bed
and padlock underneath. I wanted to do this because in the past I have pulled eye bolt out of the frame to get out. Then I cut the chain for my legs and wrist messueredso it wasn't tight and would cut of circulation
With my plans falling in to place I put the chains and locks on the bed put my depends on.I knew I would probably panic out 5 hours in and want unlocked It gets dark around 8:30pm here so i knew I wanted to start at 4pm so i would be locked for 4 hour before it got dark and before panic would set in and i would unlock everything.
It was 3:45 pm I drank bottle of water laid on bed to grabbed the chains for my legs and locked them in place spread to the edge of the bed.I took the chains and the small locks and locked them around my wrist.At this point i was getting really excited for what was to come.I Take a look around my room then I lay back on the bed.I take the combo locks and i lock my left wrist in place I take another deep breath and lock my right wrist in place.
Knowing i could unlock my self at any time with the combo up until it was night my mind raced back and forth should i do this or not.I laid their for hours pulling on the chain testing if i could get out some how but this was it i was chained to the bed with no way out once nightfall came.
This was it the moment of truth the sun started setting the fear and excitement rushed over me as my room got darker and darker.
I looked over at the pad locks i could still make out the numbers i said to my self this is the point of no return.My room got Darker and i could no longer make out the number i was stuck.
Struggling against the chains I lay there locked in the dark i said to my self this is what i wanted.short time later i started to panic and wanted to be unlocked i was getting hot struggling against the chains.Some time passed i calmed my self down with breathing .I knew i was getting out the when sun came up once i calmed down and realized that i got a hard on. I will tell you this it was a long night I lay there with just my thoughts i went from panic to acceptance more than once.A sense of relief went over me dawn was approaching as my room got brighter I was able the release my self.

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Re: Chained to bed all night

Postby TNTBound » 16 Jan 2018, 00:53

sounds like you had a fun night! oh, and welcome to the forum! :hi:

i have not been able to sleep much in a spread eagle. it is comfortable, but im a side/stomach sleeper, and trying to sleep on my back doesnt really work for me.

many a night, i have had my wrists and ankles chained together with about 8" of chain. then i would put a padlock over the joining chain to another at the head and foot of the bed, this way i could basically sleep in my normal position, but slightly restricted. i used to use combo locks so i could get out at dawn, but i'm now to the point now that i can feel the indentation of the numbers on the combo lock with my nails, then open the combo locks, even one handed and in pitch black. it does takes a while to do it though.

i now use a k-safe to lock my keys till sunrise, with a string attaching the keys close to my hands. i cant break the k-safe by hand (without smashing it against something), so its pretty secure.

i use a set of leather cuffs i ordered from church of sinvention. i have pulled on them with all my strength, even trying to break them to get free before, but they have held strong (one rivit has come loose, but i think it was just a fluke as all the others are fine, and i still cant break them :wink: )

there's nothing quite like the feeling of really wanting out, but having no way of actually escaping. its quite a trip!
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Re: Chained to bed all night

Postby tiemeupalso » 25 Jan 2018, 21:36

i chained myself to the bed for the night using combo locks once.i would love to do it agan.
the problem was when the sun came up I realized I need reading glasses to see the numbers on the locks.
I was in trouble.
finally I managed to stare at the locks to see what number they were showing and I just counted till I finally got one of them to open.
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