Pool bondage

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Pool bondage

Postby aage » 12 Dec 2017, 19:59

I had this plan for long time, finally this weekend I made it.

I really like bondage with my wife and we have tried a lot. But my personal dream was for long time self water bondage, the feeling of putting yourself in submissive position and be in one moment master and slave is awesome and also I like to wear life jacket.

So this weekend my wife left for whole two days and I was able to try it. I prepared pool by putting anchoring point at bottom of the ladder in deep end of pool, about 7ft deep and put rope thru this point one end was equip with quick release hook other was free. I bought life jacket few month ago, it is equip with harness that can hold full body weight in lift. I have clip life jacket to the rope and submerged it into water 7ft deep. So one end was attached to the jacket and thru last plank of ladder it was tie up by safety knot (just pull free end to release) to the ladder.

My game was to dive to the bottom of the pool and try to put on life jacket under water, correctly tie all harnesses and stay under water for as log as i can hold breath, than pull safety knot and float to the surface.

It turned out to be pretty difficult to put on lifejacket under water. I was still floating up by natural buoyancy of body, so until I get into jacket both arms I could not continue. I was quite exhausted after half hour of trying. I have to slightly release all harnesses that was made to fit to me. After this I was able to get into jacket.

I put jacket on, clip on first harness, clip on second one and zip up. In this point I was holding under water by jacket tied to the ladder. I have tied up all harnesses and feel the pressure of them on my body, I have been aware of, that I am hold under water by rope so If safety knot will not work, ill have a problem. I have started masturbating, about 35 second under water, I have made it to about 50 second than I had to pull safety rope, It worked well so I floated up and have a deep breathe of air. It was amazing feeling. I have been still tied to the rope so after few breaths I pull myself again under water and continue, I had extraordinary orgasm under water. I have been floating in pool for about 20 minutes to breathe it out.

The weekend was not over yet...
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Re: Pool bondage

Postby Sir Cumference » 12 Dec 2017, 20:21

Welcome aboard.

I have approved your post, but not unconditionally.

As I read it, what you describe may be fun, but if you goof or faint, it will kill you.

We prefer our members neither to commit suicide nor instruct others to do so.
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Re: Pool bondage

Postby bound_jenny » 13 Dec 2017, 00:29

I'm with Sir C on this.

Underwater bondage is extremely dangerous because if just ONE THING goes wrong, you're dead. There's no reset button or cheat code to get around that. Dead is dead.

Suicide, intentional or accidental, is not an option around here. We like our members alive and well so they can tell the tale.

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Re: Pool bondage

Postby Stretched out » 13 Dec 2017, 09:34

Having done helicopter survival training several times, where your strapped into the seat and the helicopter is submerged, I think this is completely retarded. We have safety divers with us, the harnesses are quick release and we have rebreathers to prolong our survivable time. Even with these measures, theres usually one misshap where someone panics, they get disorientated or a strap snags.

Water moves about a lot, especially if your swimming or moving. It will easily blow ropes and harnesses about and they WILL become tangled at some point.

7 feet or 7mm down you will still dead when it goes wrong
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