Why you can NEVER be too careful!

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Why you can NEVER be too careful!

Postby Punching Bag » 08 Aug 2017, 04:25

This is the true story of how I just about ended my life – a mistake I’ve never repeated.

Before I go any farther, I have to say that I’ve always had a serious choking/strangulation fetish but I have also always been afraid of getting carried away with it.

Seriously, I do NOT want to die!

The warnings that many give about this are not necessarily wrong.
For me personally, I have learned just how much strangulation I can tolerate and I know just where to draw the line.

But everyone is different and I never want anyone to take my example as some sort of validation to engage in this play without a very vigilant partner.

For others, it’s just best that they don’t play at all. For me, I made an extremely STUPID mistake and came dammed close to paying the ultimate price.

When I was still married, my then wife and I enjoyed an active BDSM relationship. She was the sadist and I was her willing recipient.
But she was always very clumsy with knots. She didn’t know how to tie any that were strong enough to keep me restrained.
In fact, most of the knots she ever tied would almost fall off within two or three minutes. I would explain knot tying ad nauseum to no avail.

Finally, we solved the problem by switching to handcuffs, leg irons, chains and padlocks.
Escape was now completely impossible and this has always been just what I need to get the catharsis that I’ve always craved.
At the same time, I discovered that I didn’t necessarily need to wait for my wife.
I could restrain myself without her help and then wait until she discovered me.

Because I had seasonal work, I often would find times in the off season when I had little to do but my wife worked a more conventional job.
She came home from work every day at the same time.
Thus, if I were to restrain myself in cuffs and locks, I knew that I could not escape until she got home and then I knew about what time that would be.

Over a period of time, we each discovered what it was that we “liked” and just how we liked it.
We settled on a bondage activity that went like this:
In one room in our basement, we had only carpet on the floor – no furniture or fixtures.
It was just extra space that we didn’t use for anything until our bondage activities found a home.

In one wall, I placed an eye bolt about a foot above the floor into one of the studs.
On the opposite wall, I placed another eye bolt, also about a foot above the floor.

I would put an oversized pair of handcuffs on my ankles and stretch a length of chain to one eye bolt.
Then I would put a dog’s choke collar around my neck and stretch another length of chain to the opposite eye bolt connecting my neck to that wall.
This had me stretched out in the middle of the room – neck fastened to one wall and my ankles fastened to the opposite wall.

Laying on my stomach, I would then cuff my hands behind my back. The key would be somewhere far out of my reach but easy for my wife to find when she arrived home.

And YES, there was absolutely ZERO chance of escape before my wife’s arrival.
However, with a reasonable amount of slack in the chains, I had no chance of being strangled and had enough movement to find a tolerable amount of comfort relatively speaking.

Placing the eyebolts about one foot above the floor gave me enough room to roll from my back to my front and vice versa.
After having done this many times, I found that I could often meditate profusely and sometimes I could sleep quite well.

If we started this after she was already at home, I could shorten the chains by a few links and really tighten everything up.
Sometimes we would get the chains tight enough that I would begin to strangle.
With my wife right there and vigilante, we never had had any problems.

Now before I go any farther, I have to say that strangulation is an incredibly powerful force on me.
I know, I know! It’s not necessarily safe but the effect of being completely helpless and possibly facing my own death, is the most erotic and cathartic torture I can have happen to me.
If I am tied and someone wraps a rope or chain around my neck and begins to tighten, I go straight into euphoric sub-space.
However, with careful planning, I had never had a close call up until this one day.

When she DID arrive, a lot of what would follow would be according to her mood.
If she were frustrated from work or traffic, she might very well have given me a severe caning with me on my stomach and my hands hoisted up high like a strappado.
If she came home horny, or if caning me made her horny as it often did, she could roll me over on my back and bitch slap my face while riding my cock.
Other times, she really enjoyed queening me and having me perform oral on her.
This bondage position gave a lot of options for my being raped and beaten. FUN!

On the day of my close call, I had finished my own work early.
With my business, I had some female customers and one of them was a true dom.
She always was threatening to abduct me and turn me into her slave.
I had never let on about our BDSM activities but when I would work for this lady, I would be the perfect faithful husband to my wife.
I never ever let this customer even begin to suspect that she was actually turning me on when she talked this way to me.
I wasn’t interested in the dom customer because my wife was already domming me more than I could believe!

When you have a wife that ties you up, tortures you, rapes you, humiliates you and forces you to please her, why would you ever cheat on that?
But this one day, I had worked for the dom customer and I was going home in an incredible sub-frenzy.
And I am here to tell you that sub-frenzies can be VERY dangerous.
If you are not aware of what a sub-frenzy is, it is when you need something so badly that you completely throw caution to the wind in order to get your “fix.”
And you will crave that “fix” more intensely than at any other time.

Thus, the masochist that would ordinarily use his safe-word at 20 strokes, is suddenly craving 40 to 50.

When I got home, I took a quick shower. I came out of the shower at 1:00 in the afternoon and headed downstairs to the “torture chamber.”
My wife would be home around 4:30 to 5:00. But because I was in such a sub-frenzy, I took two links out of the chain and locked myself in for the afternoon.

I started out on my stomach. The dog collar was tighter than I was used to wearing but didn’t seem bad so far.
After about a half an hour on my front, I needed to switch positions and so I rolled over on my back.
Rolling over would always jerk my restraints and I jerked my neck so hard I was gurgling spittle. ….or something.

I don’t know what it was. I rolled to the right. After another half an hour or so, I realized I was beginning to get light headed.

So I knew that laying on my stomach would put the most slack in my neck chain and so I rolled back on my front … to the right again.
Wrong move! This twisting motion was actually tightening my neck more and more.
I got onto my stomach and lay for a few minutes but my dizziness was actually getting WORSE.
OMG, I was strangling for REAL!

I panicked! I tried everything I could think of to get free but NO WAY!!
I had already learned how to make escape 100% impossible. From out of the corner of my eye, I could see the clock on the wall.
It was around 2:10 in the afternoon.
I was going to be strangling worse and worse for another two to two and a half hours!!
I could see that I wasn’t going to make it! This was it!
I had actually accidentally killed myself.

I squirmed and writhed and every movement made my head fill with fluid even more and more.
The choke collar was digging into my neck and I could feel the blood veins popping out on the sides of my head.
My temples were pounding with ever beat of my heart.

Finally, I had this amazing feeling come over me that was so incredible I have never been able to fully explain it.
I realized right then and there that I was NOT going to survive this event.
I was going to die and there was no escape.
I had actually done it to myself. I started crying out loud.

It was right then that I accepted my death and realized that, it actually was my death fantasy that I’d always wanted.
Since I was going to die anyway, I decided to relax into it and at least enjoy my final moments.
And incredible calm came over me and I relaxed, relaxed, relaxed.
The endorphins kicked in and the pain of the chain digging into my neck, the cuffs on my wrists and ankles created a euphoria that I had never experienced before or since.

I realized that I had rolled over twice to the right – two half turns.
I reasoned that, if I could do a full revolution back to the left, I just might, just maybe, survive.
So I rolled over on my back to the left and then did another roll to the left back onto my stomach.
The rolling caused more strangulation as my shoulders passed under the tightest point before loosening again.

It worked, the chains loosened just a very little bit but it was all that was needed.
My head began to clear in a few minutes but not a lot.
Everything was still so tight that I could barely even swallow.
Since I was on my front, I found that I could gain just another half an inch by pushing with my toes into the carpet.
And that was the position I remained in for the next 3 hours as my wife showed up at 5:30 that day.

During that time, I dared not even flinch a muscle because each time I did, I started strangling again.
But my mind absolutely soared! I meditated like I’ve never meditated in my life.
I felt happy! I was giddy because I knew I was going to survive.
But more than that, I also knew I was going to suffer some seriously restrictive and death dealing bondage over the following three hours.
I deserved that treatment. I welcomed it and I LOVED it!

When my wife did finally arrive, OMG was she ever pissed at the position I had put myself in.
She put two lengths back into the chain which removed any chance of my death but still kept me restrained.

Now we always had an arrangement. If we wanted to play at bondage and torture, the play was pretty light.
The bondage and torture were designed to arouse and not to actually really cause any serious pain. We used safety-words.

But, when there were times that I actually needed to be genuinely punished, the intensity would be increases by about a factor of five and the use of safety words would be suspended.
THIS was now one of those times. Oh yeah, she gave me the thrashing of my entire life and there wasn’t any slow build up.
She left me alone for another hour, came back, forced me to please her orally and then beat me again.
I really wish we had never divorced. I miss her.
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Re: Why you can NEVER be too careful!

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Thanks for sharing it with us.
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